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Machinery Transport
Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Mainland UK

We offer efficient, reliable and cost-effective means of machinery transportation to a wide range of industries throughout Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Mainland UK. We have a fleet of machinery to load and offload your machine safely and on time. 

Machinery Transport Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Mainland UK

Whether it's the delivery or a relocation, we understand that machinery transportation requires delicate attention since the machines being transported may need to be accurately calibrated. Regardless of value, we treat each project with the same care and attention to ensure that the equipment is moved safely.

To offer the best service possible, we have put various measures in place that will enable us to serve you effectively. These measures include working with professionals with proven capability, premium insurance cover, and superior transportation safety records. 

We have also invested in the most up-to-date equipment, including flatbeds, trailers, curtain-siders, a specialist bulk animal feed blower, self-propelled modular transport (SPMT), and step deck. If required, we can undertake delivery and transportation of ISO containers and aggregate supply such as rock salt for the winter season.

We have also installed trackers on our vehicles to keep our customers updated on their deliveries, assuring them of safe delivery of their equipment. 

We pride ourselves on offering a consistently reliable service; if required, we can also provide overnight deliveries to most UK areas. For more information or to discuss your project in more detail, please call 01569 668 110.

Heavy Equipment Movers Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Mainland UK

Heavy Equipment Movers

No matter the size of the machinery you need transporting, our expert team at Scott Telford Haulage is on hand to make your transportation effortless and cost-effective. Our highly skilled contractors have years of experience and can carefully and safely move any amount of machinery you require. With our fleet of transporter vehicles, we can handle any job, helping you stay on schedule and within your budget. Based in Aberdeenshire, we offer our services to many companies throughout Scotland and mainland UK. 

From Scotland to ALL OVER THE WORLD

Through years of operation in Aberdeenshire, we have expertly transported innumerable loads of machinery throughout the world. As haulage specialists, we have moved a wide range of plant machinery for industrial, agricultural and infrastructural usage. 

Our expert contractors appreciate the importance of a safe and timely delivery when running projects in these sectors, so you can be sure of a professional and efficient service when you arrange to transport your machinery with us.  

Machinery haulage services include:

  • Cranes
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Trenchers
  • Tractors
  • Mining equipment
  • Archimedean screw pumps
  • Harvesters
  • Propulsion equipment
  • Construction & mining machinery
  • Tunnel boring machines

How much does heavy equipment transport cost?

Of course, the price of transportation heavily relies on the exact equipment you want to move and its destination. The distance we will transport the machinery is also a determining factor of the overall price. On average, you can expect local transportation - below 200 miles - to cost you £2.60 a mile. Beyond this distance, you can expect to pay around £1.20 a mile. 

Preparing your heavy equipment for transport

The first step you should take when preparing your transportation machinery is to catalogue it accurately. It would be best to list all of the machinery you are having transported, even down to specific model numbers. Taking photographs of the machinery is also a good step to ensure that our contractors know exactly what needs moving. It would also be best to investigate whether the machinery you want moving requires any specific permits. 

Many do, and subsequent tools or systems may need to be employed when loading and unloading certain machines. You should also ensure that the insurance you have for your machinery will cover any damage incurred through transportation. 

Of course, our expert contractors will do everything to prevent this, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You should check with your insurance provider that your machinery is adequately covered. 

Machinery handling and transportation

As a machinery moving specialist, we have the expertise needed to transport your machinery with the utmost care and haste. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all eventualities are accounted for and that any bespoke specifications required are professionally met. Our contractors will document the transportation of your machinery at every step of its journey, so you can be sure that it is in good hands. They will also put their logistical skills at your disposal to outline any issues that may arise during the transportation process. 

Are You Looking For The Best Heavy Haulage Company?

If you require transportation for industrial, agricultural or infrastructural plant machinery, then we at Scott Telford Haulage are here to help. 

From our Aberdeenshire based business, we serve the entirety of Scotland and mainland UK. 

If you would like to inquire about our Machinery Transport services do not hesitate to contact our team today. Call 01569 668 110 to discus your requirements.