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Rock Salt Supply

In the winter season, it's vital that businesses and public buildings maintain safe access to their site for customers, visitors and staff alike. Scott Telford Haulage are proud to be one of the leader rock salt suppliers in Aberdeenshire, working with private and commercial clients as well as the local authorities. 

Rock salt and grit is commonly known for its ability to melt snow on unwanted areas such as roads so that people can safely move from one point to the other. We deliver the rock salt to our clients with the help of our specialist gritters which can additionally offer a reliable and efficient spreading service.

snow clearing and rock salt supply aberdeen

We package our salt in durable bags that allow the salt to be stored for long periods as the salt has an extended expiry date. You can purchase the salt before it snows and keep it since it does not require specialist storage. Our prices are competitive and our company will ensure that you get your order as soon as possible, whether on normal days or on a frosty winter morning. 

snow clearing for commercial properties

Salt/Grit Spreading Service

We also offer full snow clearing and salt or gritting spread service. We not only deliver the de-icing substance to your doorstep but also offer the service to spread the salt in designated areas. This can be a one-off occurrence or contractual maintenance to ensure safe access for visitors on your site. Please call us on 01569 668 110 to discuss your requirements in more detail and how we can help.

Road Gritting Contractors

Are you looking for road gritting contractors in North Scotland? We offer private hire gritting, snow removal and winter maintenance for Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead.

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